A.T.O.R. LLC is a production and engineering company, which includes a design and technology division, which is engaged in the creation of new types of products in the direction of passenger cars, motorized cars (diesel trains and electric trains), locomotives , subway cars, specially equipped box vans, social transport and modernization of the existing car fleet, ensuring their high technical level, competitiveness and patentability, compliance with modern technical achievements, requirements of technical aesthetics and the most economical production technology.

Designing begins with the development of a design project and the detailed elaboration of each design element, followed by its implementation in three-dimensional models and drawings.

The design and technology division performs work on certification, keeping certificates up-to-date and obtaining permits for materials and components used in the construction of wagons and rolling stock.

A lot of own developments of A.T.O.R. LLC protected by a number of patents in the field of passenger railway transport.

The presence of designers, electronics engineers, programmers and technologists in the unit allows for a full design cycle, starting with the development of design documentation and electrical diagrams, production and up to certification tests.

The design and technology department is a combination of youth and experience in the development of railway-related products and more. Many years of experience in design works, the high potential of professionally trained and qualified designers guarantee the successful development and release of a complete set of design documentation. In the process of developing design and technical, design documentation, our employees will help to find the best way to solve any technical problem, realizing the most daring and unusual ideas of our clients.

We offer:

  • development of design documentation;
  • reverse engineering of products;
  • development of design documentation according to the provided sample;
  • development of documentation for non-standard designs, mechanisms.

How we work:

  • Our specialist travels to the customer to assess the scope of work and carry out all the necessary measurements.
  • The technical task is being developed, with the direct participation of the customer.
  • According to the technical task, three-dimensional modeling and drawings are produced.
  • At the stage of putting into production, consulting is carried out by our specialists.

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