Production from composite materials

Production of fiberglass products

Fiberglass is a composite material consisting of fiberglass filler and binder.

Fiberglass products have high strength, low weight, can work at temperatures from -40 to +60°C, and have a long service life.

The production of fiberglass products by the manual method using the technology of contact molding is widely used in the production of fiberglass products in single copies and small batches.

The advantages of this method are the relatively small cost of equipment for the manufacture of fiberglass, as well as the insignificant cost of the tool.

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Thermoforming of products

Thermoforming is a process of manufacturing products of complex shape from plastic. The creation of molded elements involves two stages of production:

  • Production of equipment, which will be used for thermoforming. The equipment is manufactured on a high-precision milling machine.
  • The plastic for molding is softened by heating in the molding machine, after which it is placed on a pre-prepared tool and air is pumped out between the plastic and the tool, giving the plastic the desired shape.

Our equipment allows us to produce moldings of any complexity up to 1500x2500 mm in size. We can produce vacuum forming works with the provision of equipment by the customer, or by producing it ourselves.

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