Production of metal structures and individual elements weighing up to 1,000 kg with subsequent application of a protective (decorative) coating.

The full cycle of manufacturing metal products:

  • design and development;
  • procurement production;
  • sheet metal bending;
  • bending of pipes and profiles;
  • laser cutting of sheet metal and pipes;
  • welding production;
  • assembly works;
  • packaging of the finished product.

Works are performed on high-precision CNC machines by highly qualified personnel.

Laser cutting of metal:

  • up to 20 mm - carbon steel;
  • up to 10 mm - stainless steel;
  • up to 8 mm - aluminum.

Laser cutting of round and square pipes and profiles

In the process of laser cutting of pipes at our complex, it is possible to manufacture various technological connections of pipes, to cut holes of various configurations.

Bending of sheet metal

The work is carried out on modern technological equipment, which allows bending a sheet up to 2500 mm long, with a metal thickness of up to 4 mm, as well as a sheet up to 8 mm thick and up to 1500 mm long.

Bending of profile and round pipes with a mandrel on a CNC machine

Bending the pipe with a mandrel minimizes the percentage of defective parts and allows you to create finished products of high quality. Metal bending on a mandrel machine allows you to create forms without microcracks, without constrictions and wave folds that appear inside the wall.

Welding works

  • steel;
  • Stainless Steel;
  • aluminum alloys.

Locksmith processing of metal

  • markup;
  • editing;
  • pollination;
  • threading;
  • a run;
  • drilling;
  • countersinking, etc.


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